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New: Cleaning Up

Series 1 – Episode 1,
Tomorrow 9pm – 10pm, ITV Hub.

Sheridan Smith plays another downtrodden everywoman, similar to the downtrodden everywoman we saw recently in Care. Yet again she’s on her emotional and financial uppers: she was deserted by her husband after he had an affair and she’s struggling to bring up her children. 

But in Cleaning Up, Smith’s character Sam’s problems aren’t exacerbated by having a mum in a care home, but by her addiction to online gambling. Time and again we see her desperately trying to get rich quick by playing roulette on her phone… largely unsuccessfully, and the money keeps dribbling away.

In a highly unlikely plot twist, Sam – who tries to make ends meet with cleaning jobs – is emptying the bins at a huge city trading firm when she hears one of the staff up to no good. He’s insider trading, maybe it’s something she could try. And all her problems will be solved! I told you it was unlikely. 


New series. In an attempt to turn her life around after battling a gambling addiction, struggling mother Sam takes up a cleaning job, where she stumbles upon access to lucrative and illegal stock market information at the office she cleans, and her life is thrown into disarray. Drama, starring Sheridan Smith and Jade Anouka.

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